Become an Underwriter

Become an Underwriter

Camp Kinderland is on the road to its 100th year! We’re launching the celebration by saluting those who made it an incredible journey. Thank you for your consideration to underwrite our celebration of the Simons: Celebrating Maddy, Remembering Lester.

Our greatest immediate need is for underwriting support.  This is the start of five years of fundraising that will send Camp Kinderland into its second century with confidence, strength, and financial security.  We need you and other generous benefactors to cover the costs of this event so that all proceeds can be invested back into our unique program and magnificent (but always aging) property.  We are the generation that received Camp Kinderland and we are the ones who must pass it on.  We are on the road together, heading toward 100!

Please join the circle of major supporters of our kickoff anniversary celebration. If a small group of good  friends contribute $500 – $1000 each, our expenses will be well covered and our proceeds will be the foundation of a significant fund. You are our lifeblood. You have already made so much possible through your ongoing generosity and loving support. Without you we would not be at this remarkable juncture. Your gift today will sustain Kinderland for the campers of tomorrow, and keep the promise that there will ALWAYS be a Camp Kinderland.

Play a special part in this historic day by becoming an underwriter. Your donation will cover two tickets, an include a t-shirt and a mention in the program. We look forward to celebrating with you on April 6th.


Cindy, Alice, and Joey