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KinderShule Passover Seder Haggadah

Happy Holidays from Camp Kinderland

In the past, Kinderland has held a Passover Seder for our community, but this has not been possible in recent years. This year, the KinderShule held a small Seder for the families of its students, which was a great success. As usual, they used a special Haggadah, which incorporates the ideals and values that Kinderland espouses, including the hopes for peace and social justice in our world. Please feel free to use our Haggadah, or selections from it, for your Seder, and may you have a Good Pesach with your friends and family.

Click for Haggadah 2016


90th Anniversary Silent Auction Winners

If you think you won a Silent Auction bid at the 90th Anniversary event, but had to leave before the winners were announced, check these Silent Auction Winners to see if your auction number matches any of the winners. We have also emailed each individual to inform you of your winnings.

To pay for your silent auction item online, CLICK HERE.