Sessions & Rates


2020 Camp Session Dates

  • 4 Weeks June 28 – July 25
  • 3 Weeks July 26 – August 15
  • 7 Weeks June 28 – August 15
  • First Year CITs June 28 – August 15
  • Second Year CITs June 28 – August 15
  • 2 weeks (July) June 28 – July 11*
  • 2 weeks (Aug) July 26 – Aug 8*

*We are offering 2-week introductory sessions during both our July and August sessions.  These are open to first-time campers turning 9 or 10 in 2020.  Please note: We have very limited spaces available for 2-weekers in July – if you are interested in that session, please register as soon as possible.  These spaces will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.


2020 Camp Session Fees

Payment by Check Payment by Credit Card
2 weeks (July and August) $2,333.75 $2,393.59
4 Weeks $4,410.25 $4,523.33
3 Weeks $3,309.00 $3,393.85
7 Weeks $6,984.25 $7,163.33
CIT1* $6,799.25 $6,973.59
CIT2* $4,825.00 $4,948.72


Prices for payment by check are 2.5% lower than prices for payment by credit card.   If you prefer to pay by check, you will be given a discount code to enter when you register that will allow you to pay at the lower rate. Please double check your invoice when it comes to make sure you are receiving you discount if you are paying by check.  If you are not, please email Mike Salop at

There are additional trip fees of up to $450 depending on camper’s age and session. There is a transportation fee of $40 each way for campers taking the camp bus. Details will be included on final registration forms. There is a $250 discount for each additional child per family registering for 7 weeks; $150 for 3 or 4 weeks.

*All CITs (counselors in training) are required to attend for for the full 7 weeks. The CIT1 group is for campers turning 15 in the 2020 calendar year. The CIT2 group is for campers turning 16 in the 2020 calendar year. All trip fees have been rolled into the tuition, so there are no additional trip fees for CITs

We will arrange payment plans to help you manage the cost. There is scholarship money available for those who need it.