Amos “Mos” Kivelowitz Camp Kinderland Scholarship Fund

June 2018

Dear Family & Friends,

Amos died a year and a half ago. So hard to write.  So hard to find the next sentence…Our grief shifts and yet stays the same.

Spring is glorious this year.  Maybe because it has arrived so late, but maybe just because it is spring and this is the way it always is… always was… will be.  Time frames have different meanings these days.  Spring portends the time when gardens are planted, screens replace the storm windows, sandals emerge, the school year ends and summer is joyously anticipated.  For many, many years that anticipation for Amos was camp.  He was ten years old the first year he went to Kinderland.  We had signed him up for the July session, but when we came to pick him up he vowed to return for the whole summer.  He was a camper, CIT and staff for the next 10+ years.  Camp fostered an independence and a bonding among friends… love, really… and Amos wanted all of it.  We got a taste of that last September when friends gathered at camp to remember him.  That weekend was written up in the 2017 newsletter.  It was then we decided to create a scholarship fund: important to us to let other children have Kinderland in their lives.

And yes, his memory is for a blessing.

Miriam and Stuart

If this speaks to you, too, you can donate to the “Amos’ Memorial Scholarship” by clicking the link below:

Amos Kivelowitz Memorial Scholarship Fund