An Urgent Appeal to Our Community

To Our Camp Kinderland Community,
With heavy hearts, we are deeply saddened to report that Camp Kinderland is unable to open for the summer of 2020.

This decision was informed by guidance and information from our local authorities, as well as the medical professionals that we deal with each summer. Our number one priority is and has always been, the health and safety of our campers, staff, and our Kinderland community, and the health risks posed by Covid-19 makes a safe opening impossible.

We share the heartache and disappointment of the campers and staff who were eagerly looking forward to being at Kinderland this season. And we know that for some of you, those campers, CITs, and staff are your own children and grandchildren. All we can promise them is that Camp Kinderland will be here for all of us when this crisis is over.

Tuition is our main source of income. The problem we face is that we have many ongoing expenses whether or not we have camp. From holding on to our essential year-round staff, to paying our mortgage and real estate taxes, from insurance premiums to maintenance costs, and loan repayment… our shortfall will be huge.

Our projections show Camp Kinderland facing, at a minimum, a $250,000 loss if all tuition payments are reimbursed.

We are appealing to our current camper families to consider donating part or all of their tuition payments or rolling their payments over to the summer of 2021 to ensure Camp Kinderland’s survival.

We have endured recessions, depressions, and wars; Camp Kinderland has made it through droughts, hurricanes, and tornadoes, through relocations, polio, and political attacks. We cannot allow COVID-19 to steal the legacy of Camp Kinderland, passed on by generations of fighters and dreamers to the children of tomorrow. We will need all your generosity for Kinderland to get through this. 

Camp Kinderland must—and will—survive. El pueblo unido…the people united will never be defeated!

In Solidarity,

Cindy, Billy, Alice, and Ira