September 08

Benefit Weekend with Alumni, Family, and Friends

Benefit Weekend is Saturday, September 8 to Monday, September 10

Camp Kinderland is a vibrant summer camp and community, and an historic progressive institution entering its ninety-fifth year! In order to carry this legacy forward for the next generation and to secure our future, we are working to build an expansive and welcoming community. We are also raising funds to support camper scholarships, infrastructure improvements, and programming. The last Benefit Weekend contributed over $15,000 to Camp Kinderland. This year we hope to raise even more. Help us reach our goal and enjoy a great weekend at the same time!

Get all of your old bunkmates back together to relive your days as a camper. Connect with new people from other groups and generations. Introduce your young children or grandchildren to your camp experience. Kinderland could become their home away from home too. Help us recruit new campers by inviting friends, neighbors, classmates, family members, or colleagues with camp-aged kids. They can come for the day, just to get a taste, or for the whole weekend!

Note: Rosh Hashanah begins on the evening of Sunday, September 9. On Sunday evening, we will host a secular and progressive Rosh Hashanah dinner to reflect on the past year and welcome a new year, together!

Participation: During the summer, we all play a part in making sure Camp runs smoothly. This is most visible in our tradition of KP—Kitchen Partrol—in which campers take turns setting up and cleaning up the dining hall. This weekend, we ask that everybody volunteer a portion of their time in true Kinderland fashion. When you register, please indicate if you are interested in running an activity, volunteering an hour in the kitchen, arriving early to help set up, or staying late to help break things down.

Come just for the day on either Saturday or Sunday (or both if you are staying nearby). Arrival time is noon and the first meal is lunch on both days. Stay for as long as you like, you are welcome to join us for dinner and evening activity.


Join us for two nights and three days of good old camp fun. The weekend is from lunch at noon on Saturday, September 9 through lunch on Monday, September 10. Share a bunk with others – just like being a camper! Or get a private room in staff housing. Or rent a whole bunk for your large group!


Can’t stay the whole weekend? That’s okay. Come for just one night. Either Saturday to Sunday, or Sunday to Monday.

Children and Young Adults: All youth under age 6 are free. Youth between 6 and 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All young people age 18-20 must sign a waiver and an agreement reiterating Camp Kinderland staff policies in order to attend without a parent or guardian. 

Meals: All meals will be provided between lunch on Saturday, September 9 and lunch on Monday, September 10. We will eat family style in the Dining Hall. Please indicate whether you have any dietary restrictions when you register.

No Dogs Policy: Camp Kinderland understands that most people think of their pet as part of the family. Everyone’s pet is very special, and the majority of pets are well-behaved. However, for reasons including sanitation, public health, liability, environmental impact, and safety of all attendees, we ask that you not bring your pets to camp. Thank you for honoring this policy.

Benefit Weekend Activities

Packing List

Policies and Waiver for 18-20 Year Olds