August 01

“Frittle and Freiheit” Submissions Due

Kinderland's 2020 Arts and Literary Magazine

Announcing the 2020 Kinderland Arts and Literary Magazine “Frittle & Freiheit”!! 

    • Please email your original poems, plays, short stories, and personal essays
    • Share a digital file of your photography, sculpture, drawings, paintings, printmaking, or cartoons.
    • Please include your name as you wish it to appear, and your group or role in camp. 
    • Limit 1000 word count for prose, 3 poems, 3 works of art
    • Email Raquel at (subject heading: Freiheit)


  • DEADLINE for submissions: Aug 1st


“Frittle and Freiheit” will be published on our website and showcased at the final share of the season.  Some hard copies will circulate around camp for all eternity.

*Freiheit is the Yiddish word for freedom.  Frittle is the English word for the temporary mark on the skin caused by the impression of a textured surface.