July 19

Visiting Day

Start time: 12-5pm

Visiting Day is on Saturday, July 19 from 12pm to 5pm.


One day per summer is set aside as the official Visiting Day when all parents and visitors are welcome. This includes siblings, grandparents, etc. Please do not bring the family pet.

Visiting begins at 12 noon and ends at 5 PM. We ask you to arrive at camp as close to noon as possible. Earlier arrivals create problems by interfering with regular activities and clean-up. Late arrivals cause undue anxiety for campers.

You will be able to informally meet your child’s supervisor and counselors. However, this is not the ideal time for a detailed conference regarding your child’s experience in camp. We will arrange for a telephone conference or a post-camp follow up for any parent who requests it.

There are no structured activities for Visiting Day. DO bring a family picnic to share with your child. The canteen will be open for snacks and beverages. Bring along a bathing suit if you would like to swim with your child during special hours set for each group. Sometime during the day the community gathers for a sing-along and folkdance, and we hope you’ll want to join in. PLEASE NOTE THAT CAMPERS MAY NOT LEAVE THE CAMP GROUNDS ON VISITING DAY.

Certain items are offered for sale on Visiting Day, including Kinderland sweat and t-shirts, mugs and water bottles.

By Visiting Day many campers are interested in staying in camp for the entire 7 weeks. In some cases, parents may extend registration for the additional 3 weeks on Visiting Day. If you are interested in this for your child, please approach your child’s counselor or the office staff on Visiting Day.