For Artists & Org Reps

The Kinderland Arts & Activism Festival welcomes music of all genres, performance artists of all types and expressions, and a vast variety of visual arts. Organizations representing social causes are invited to share their good works, and recruit more members to join in their efforts for justice. If you are an artist or an organizational representative that is interested in participating in the festival, here are a list of ways to get involved:

  • Performance: The festival will host two stages, a mobile covered outdoor Main Stage with lights and sound Outdoor Platforminput and technicians, and an acoustic outdoor platform on the lakefront, pictured to the right. These two stage options will create the perfect settings for both professional concerts and plays, as well as intimate sing-alongs.
  • Workshops: Throughout the weekend, artists and organizational representatives will host workshops addressing the crossroads of arts and activism. Workshops such as Songwriting for the Struggle, Sign and Puppet-making for Protests, Political Cartooning, and much more. Have an idea for a workshop? Host one!
  • Artist or Organization Booth: Rent a 10′ x 10′ tented booth with a table and chairs to exhibit and sell your artwork, or to create artwork as it is commissioned. Organizations can rent a booth to distribute pamphlets and information, collect signatures on petitions, and expand your network. Click here to RENT A BOOTH
  • Networking Hours: Meet-ups will be coordinated at different times during the festival for artists and activists with different interests and causes – a great way to meet more people doing what you are doing. With attendees from all over the world, this promises to expand your network!


Interested in getting involved in any of these ways? Please contact today!

Dancing with Mural