2018 Kinderland Newsletter

Throughout the year, we try to keep you apprised of the happenings within the Camp Kinderland community. And every fall, we collect some of the most exciting stories, photos, articles, and remembrances from the previous year in one place to share with our camper families, alumni, and supporters in the Kinderland Newsletter.

Letters from the President and Camp Director

Phonathon 2018 (and Other Fundraising News)

  • Each year we raise money for camper scholarships, and your donations ensure that future generations of children can experience Camp Kinderland. Have you donated to the 2018 Phonathon yet? There is still time to join the campaign and make your pledge online!
  • Miriam Cohen and Stuart Kivelowitz invite you to donate to the Amos “Mos” Kivelowitz Camp Kinderland Scholarship Fund, where you will also find Miriam’s loving tribute to Amos and Camp Kinderland.

Summer 2018

  • The theme of our summer was ‘The People Speak: Telling the Truth, Changing the Narrative.’ Click here to read more about the 2018 Peace Olympics, Amnesty International at Camp Kinderland, Interviews with Maintenance Staff, and for more photos, and memories from Summer 2018.

Announcements and Events

  • Save the date! Join us as we honor Maddy and Lester Simon on Saturday, April 6th, from 3-6pm, at PS 3, 490 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014. Stay tuned for more information!
  • Did you hear??  Check out this year’s “gossip column” of wedding announcements, book publications, goings on around town, and even a job opportunity from Kinderland’s own Rachel Birch!

Kinderland Welcomes the Next Generation! 

Fall Benefit Weekend 2018

In Memorium

Our Kinderland Alumni: Where Are They Now?

What’s Happening at the Kinderland Shule?

  • The Kinderland Shule offers a secular Jewish education, based on a rich heritage of history, culture and literature, rather than on religion. For children whose heritage is not exclusively Jewish, the Kinderland Shule is uniquely appropriate. Our philosophy is one of inclusion that draws parallels between the struggles of all peoples. Students learn to link their different backgrounds and forge their own identities, both as individuals and as part of a larger community. See our photo essay for more about what’s happening at the Kinderland Shule!

Under the Kinderland Banner

  • Kinderland Resists! Click to read about this year in protests.

A Sheynem Dank

Kinderland thanks the Puffin Foundation! Every summer we are grateful to receive a very generous grant from the Puffin Foundation which provides funding for the ARTS for our campers. This year, the grant provided us with visits from folk singer Charlie King, Yiddish singer Ty Citerman, and Mike Meeropol who sang songs about freedom. We gave our kids the opportunity to go to see dances at Jacobs Pillow and plays at the Barrington Stage Theater in the Berkshires. We took a group of campers to see how paper is made at one of the local artist shops, as well as brought our campers to several of the museums in the Berkshires. The generous grant from the Puffin Foundation also helps fund our own theatrical program, where we put on two plays each summer, as well as our arts and crafts and pottery programs. We are very grateful to The Puffin Foundation and wish to say a very special Thank You to them.

Kinderland thanks Deb Barall for donating the food and drinks for our Annual Fall Benefit Weekend. We also thank Jake Richards and Dylan Cohen for donating their time and talent in the kitchen and feeding us all that weekend. A bom-chicka-bom!