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2018 Newsletter

Throughout the year, we try to keep you apprised of the happenings within the Camp Kinderland community. And every fall, we collect some of the most exciting stories, photos, articles, and remembrances from the previous year in one place to share with our camper families, alumni, and supporters in the Kinderland Newsletter. Click the link below to read the 2018 Kinderland Newsletter:

2018 Phonathon

phonathonEvery fall, Camp Kinderland hosts its Annual Phonathon Fundraiser. During this week, dedicated Kinderland volunteers, including alumni, parents, and CITs, get together to call everyone in our database to request donations for our Camper Scholarship Fund. This fundraiser raises between $30,000 and $50,000 every year, and providing scholarships to camper families in need would be impossible without it. All you have to do is pick up when we call, make a pledge, and fulfill it either online, or through the post mail when we send you the pledge fulfillment letter. It is so easy, and it makes a huge difference in the lives of so many.


A zeesn Pesach! Haggadah 2018

Here is our Shule Haggadah for 2018 – you are welcome to use all or part of it for your family’s seder. It is a progressive family-friendly Haggadah complete with songs and poems, and contains passages in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. And please feel free to share it with others!

Haggadah 2018

Post a CONNECT Widget to your Website

Look to your website platform provider for details on how to post a widget to your website or blog. Link and embed code can be found below.

Widget link:

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Become a Peer Fundraiser for the CONNECT Campaign

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Peer Fundraiser. By telling your camp story, setting a fundraising goal, and reaching out to your network by email and on social media, you can help us get to our goal of $40,000 or more for improved and expanded sports facilities in 40 days!

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to the CONNECT CAMPAIGN PAGE and click on the green “Become a Fundraiser” button on the right hand side of the screen.
  2. Enter your name, email address and create a password for your account, then check the “I am not a robot” box, and click submit.
  3. You will receive an email with a verification code to login. Follow the email instructions.
  4. Once you login, you can change your photo by clicking the Edit Profile button.
  5. Then, click the Edit Page button to determine your fundraising goal amount and tell your story. [Scroll down for talking points to help you tell your story] Make sure to save your changes. Your personal statement will become the first paragraph of your fundraising page, with the text from the main campaign page directly below it.
  6. Now share your page with your family and friends using the social media and email links on your page and keep sharing until you reach your goal!


Talking Points and Examples

Asking for donations can be hard, and doesn’t come naturally to most people. The key is to remember that you are offering an opportunity for your friends and family to be a part of something special, something unique, and something that is making the world a better place, one camper at a time. Need some ideas about how to bring in the bucks? Here are some helpful talking points to get you started:

  • Make it personal. Share why camp is not just important, but important to you. ex: “My parents met at Camp Kinderland, so I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for this special summer camp with a conscience!”
  • Share a specific memory. Bring your friends into your experience by sharing a funny or heartfelt story that they can relate to. ex: “Camp Kinderland was the place I…learned how to swim, had my first kiss, developed an activist spirit”
  • Talk about its impact on you. Tell your friends why you have Kinderland to thank for your career choice, your social justice engagement, or for introducing you to the friends you have had for a lifetime, and how this has helped you become the person you are today. ex: “It if weren’t for Kinderland, I may never have developed a passion for socially conscious theater, so ConsciousClowning may never have gotten off the ground!”
  • Make a clear and actionable pitch. Explain why you are asking for donations, and ask your contacts for a specific amount.



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