Camp Kinderland is not an ordinary summer camp, although much of what we do are ordinary summer camp things, such as sports, Arts & Crafts, hiking, swimming, singing, theater, and dance. What makes Kinderland distinctive is its history of progressive politics and its heritage of secular Jewish traditions and its legacy of promoting social activism. These are our foundations. Since our founding in 1923, evolving generations of campers and staff embrace a far broader and more diverse spectrum of issues and ideas that are expressed in the cultural program—including struggles for women’s and gay rights, and environmental justice—and a more multicultural outlook. We are the caretakers of the ideals that Kinderland was built on, maintaining a community that does what it can to work for social justice around the world.

We see our job as introducing our campers to new ideas and beliefs that they may not otherwise be exposed to in their everyday lives. We promote an agenda of progressive values; most important, we try to maintain an environment that supports these values. We emphasize cooperation and community; we promote democratic participation and a humane and caring standard of how to treat one another, in and out of camp. And we try to show our campers that by working for social justice, they are part of a greater struggle, in a larger historical context, and a member of a community that supports and encourages their activism.

Camp Kinderland is a community that is committed to inclusion and diversity. As such, Camp Kinderland is a gender inclusive camp, dedicated to honor and celebrate the complexity and richness of each camper’s self identification. Camp Kinderland will respect and affirm campers’ gender identities, and will work with families to ensure appropriate measures are taken to ensure all campers feel welcome and supported at camp.

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