Forms and Information


To register for camp, please click here.

If you have any questions, please email Mike Salop at


If you are registered for camp you’ve probably already gotten several emails from us regarding the paperwork we’ll need you to submit for your child(ren) to attend camp.  If you aren’t sure, please log in to Circuitree and click “Registrations” at the top.  This will give you a list of what paperwork we still need from you.

Please note: In Circuitree, the Medical History form sometimes shows up as already submitted, but it is incomplete.  Please click on it, and if it says “Incomplete” edit it and make sure you e-sign the release at the end of the form.

For lots more information, including arrival and departure procedures and a packing list, please see our Parent Booklet.

For Medical Polices, click here.

And for information on how to send emails that we’ll print out and deliver to your kids (Bunk Notes) and how to obtain bar coded stationary that will enable use to email letter from you kids right to you (Bunk Replies), click here.  Please note: you will have to be signed into Bunk1 to access the Bunk Notes and Bunk Replies.  This is a separate system from Circuitree.

If you have any questions, please email Mike Salop at