Please note: The following bunks are now full:

Inter (turning 9-10 in 2023) Girls Housing for the 4-week and 2-week July-A sessions

Lower and Upper Seniors (turning 11-12 in 2023) for any August session

If you registered for any of the above sessions, the camper will be put on a waiting list and we’ll be in touch if a spot becomes available.

We are looking forward to learning more about you and welcoming you into the Camp Kinderland community. Please get the process started by registering your camper.

To register for camp, please click here to access our new registration system, CircuiTree (because every camp management system needs a camp related pun for a name). I think the system is pretty clear and self-explanatory, but let me know if you have any questions as you make your way through it.

A few notes regarding this new system:

  • No information or paperwork was brought over from our old Bunk1 system.  Therefore, this year we will need everyone, whether you are new to camp or returning, to fill out and submit everything.
  • Unlike in Bunk1, you will need to fill out most of the paperwork when you register. (A few things we’ll ask for later.) One of the things you’ll need to fill out is a list of all immunizations your child has received, so make sure you have those records with you when you register. Also, make sure you have some time when you sit down to register — it took me about a half an hour.
  • IMPORTANT CHANGE:  When you go to register you will not see a 7 week session.  If you would like to attend camp for the whole summer, please register for BOTH the 3-week and 4-week sessions.  You’ll be given an $830 discount at checkout to bring your price down to the 7-week rate.
  • Another change — while our tuition has not changed this year, the deposits we require when you register are different.  If you are coming for 7 weeks (including CITs) we ask that you pay $1000 when you register.  If you are coming for 2-, 3-, or 4-weeks, your deposit will be $500.

Dance Adventure: If you are a part of Jennie Miller’s Dance Adventure program, and you haven’t already, you should receive a registration email shortly.

If you have any questions, please email Mike Salop at