Graduation from Shule

At the end of the students’ final year of Shule, at age thirteen, we celebrate their graduation. This event is a culmination of the work that they have accomplished over many years. Each student engages in an in-depth study and personal reflection with guidance from their mentors – the Kinderland Shule staff. This work becomes the basis for a project to be presented at their graduation ceremony in front of fellow classmates and staff, as well as friends and family. After the ceremony, the shule staff puts on a party for all the guests.

For each graduation ceremony, a special Journal is created. This memento contains the work prepared by the graduating students, as well as other remembrances from the year and the graduates’ families. See examples of Journals from previous years below.Shule Grads 2013.2


Kindershule Journal 2014


Kindershule Journal 2013