Registration and Fees


If you would like to register for the Kinderland Shule, read the following instructions:

  •  If you are new to Shule and Camp Kinderland, you will have to create an account on our registration system, Bunk1. On the linked screen below you will click “Register Here.”
  • Those who already have a Bunk1 account can sign in from the linked screen. Please don’t create a new account.  If you’ve forgotten your password you can reset it.
    • If your child also goes to camp and has been to shule before, you will now have access to two different dashboards, one for camp and one for shule.
    • To switch from one to the other, choose “Kinderland Shule” from the orange-font pull down menu at the right side of the screen, and follow the instructions.
    • If you are new to shule, you will see Add Camp under the Account menu.  Click it and you will be asked to enter an invitation code. Use the code KSHULE to add shule to your account.
    • The shule dashboard will have the green dove logo in the photo, and the camp dashboard will have a photo of a campfire.
  • For everyone, once you are logged in and on the shule dashboard:
    • To start a registration application for this year, click on the Applications tab.
    • Where it says “Select a form”, choose “Kinderland Shule Registration” from the drop down menu. Then choose your child’s name from the “Family Member” menu.
    • Now click the orange Start button.
    • If you have any trouble registering through Bunk1, please email Joanna Kalb at
  • Now, PLEASE CLICK HERE to register.


These are the fees for the 2019-2020 school year:

For Alef Class: Full payment = $600. You may pay in three installments, with one third ($200) due upon registration. (Alef Students attend every other week.)

For Beys, Gimmel, Daled, Hay, Vov, and Grad Classes: Full payment = $1200. You may pay in three installments, with one third ($400) due upon registration.

For all classes, second and third installments are due January 15th and April 1st.

For Holiday Class: $60 (Holiday students attend 3 sessions – Dates TBA), or $25 for a single session.

Tuition includes all classes and the Chanukah and Purim parties. Our community Seder has an additional cost.

You may deduct 25% sibling discount from the lesser tuition for a second child, and 50% for a third child.