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Our Story

Founded in 1923 by Jewish activists as a retreat for their children from the tenements of NYC, Camp Kinderland is true to the vision of its founders. In a difficult world, we are an oasis for children ages 8 to 16; a place where they can be themselves, feel at ease, and work and play in an atmosphere of cooperation and trust.
As at many camps, our campers play sports, swim and hike, gain new experiences in arts, drama, music, dance, nature and camping. But at Kinderland they also encounter ideals of social justice and peace. They don’t hesitate to sing a Yiddish labor song, paint a mural of Harriet Tubman or write a skit about putting an end to war—that’s just what you do at Camp Kinderland, where it is okay to think, to care, to question and to act. There is nothing quite like it; and it works because the values of community and culture, of justice and righteousness, are inextricably integrated with the friendship, the joy, the beauty, the sheer fun and adventure, of life at sleepaway camp. Please feel free to explore our website. We welcome your questions and look forward to meeting you!

Pictures from Week 3

2018 Week 3 Olympics has begun! This week will be full of photos, please check back often as we will […]

Pictures from Week 2

2018 Week 2    Week 2 is a little sparse, but Week 3 will be fantastic : )

Kinderland Committees

To get more involved in the Kinderland community, please consider joining one of the following committees. Committees meet regularly, about […]