Individual donations are essential to keep the Camp Kinderland community vital and thriving.  There are so many ways that you can contribute to Camp Kinderland to make a difference in the lives of not just the campers who enjoy our programming every summer, but also your friends and family who love Camp Kinderland and want to see it thrive for generations to come

Camp Kinderland’s Centennial Fund

Camp Kinderland is 100 years old… help make it a celebration to remember and keep a promise to the next generation that THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A CAMP KINDERLAND.

Your gift will contribute towards underwriting our event costs, and most importantly, towards building an operational reserve fund to ensure that we enter our second century with confidence, strength, and financial security.

Find out about perks for sponsoring our Centennial Celebration!

1960s Group Donation

Calling all 1960s CITs, Staff, and Campers! Make your 100th Anniversary contribution count by donating towards the 1960s group donation!


Every fall, Camp Kinderland hosts its Annual Kinder-thon Fundraiser. Our Kinder-thon makes it possible for nearly half of our camper families to come to camp. This is the fundraiser that lets us live by our core value of economic justice, and ensures that camp is accessible to all children, that no child is turned away for lack of funds. So pick up when you get the call, or make your Kinder-thon donation online today! It is so easy and it makes all the difference.

General Donation

Your general donation will go where the need is highest to operate the summer camp. Your unrestricted donation makes a huge difference, and our campers thank you!

Sign up to be a Monthly Sustaining Donor!


Whether it is $5 or $50 a month, your monthly gift will go a long way in helping us reach our goal of financial security.

If even one child one day can go to camp because of my donations, it’s worth it. For those who are able, even a $5 or a $10 monthly donation goes a long way in supporting the haven that we all know and love. It lends the same opportunity to families that may not have the funds to send their kids to Camp Kinderland, and in return, their children get to shape those around them, nurturing Kinderland to become a better place year after year for generations to come.

Olivia Benjamin, Alumni and former Staff

So “put your name down” as a Monthly Sustaining Donor!


Legacy Giving At Camp Kinderland

With a legacy gift to Camp Kinderland, you can make a statement that will echo through generations. The values and beliefs by which you have lived, and the traditions that have given meaning to your life, are the foundations of every Camp Kinderland summer. Remembering Kinderland with a bequest is the living expression of Yerusheh—of a heritage that can live on, and guide the children who come after us.

Donate in someone’s honor

Many choose to honor the memory, accomplishment, birthday, or other special event of a loved one by donating to Camp Kinderland in their name. We can send a card to the namesake of your generous donation informing them that you (or an anonymous donor) have donated in their name.