Individual donations are essential to keep the Camp Kinderland community vital and thriving.  There are so many ways that you can contribute to Camp Kinderland to make a difference in the lives of not just the campers who enjoy our programming every summer, but also your friends and family who love Camp Kinderland and want to see it thrive for generations to come.

General Donation

Your general donation will go where the need is highest to operate the summer camp. Your unrestricted donation makes a huge difference, and our campers thank you!

Sign up to be a Monthly Sustaining Donor!

Whether it is $5 or $25 a month, your monthly gift will go a long way in helping us reach our goal of financial security.

I recently increased my monthly donation to camp. Kinderland is my deepest sense of community, a family. I’m grateful every day that this only child city kid got to spend her summers in nature living one foot away from 15 other amazing people. Camp informs my values and my morals and connects me to my secular Jewish identity. I love the ways in which we live communally at camp, and things like Kassa and KP are a big part of the way I want to live now.

I’m in a privileged position to be working and to be able to give. Donating monthly allows me to give significantly more than I would be able to at one time – per month, it’s about the cost of going out to dinner once, but over the course of the year it really does add up. Knowing that I’m contributing towards a healthy future for Camp Kinderland gives me a sense of peace and pride. In fact, I think it’s an act of political resistance! Whether you can give $5 a month or $100 a month, I encourage folks to do the same!

— Izzy Finkelstein, former alumni and staff, current member of the Camp Kinderland Board of Directors

So “put your name down” as a Monthly Sustaining Donor!


phonathonEvery fall, Camp Kinderland hosts its Annual Phonathon Fundraiser. Our Phonathon makes it possible for nearly half of our camper families to come to camp. This is the fundraiser that lets us live by our core value of economic justice, and ensures that camp is accessible to all children, that no child is turned away for lack of funds. So pick up when you get the call, or make your Phonathon donation online today! It is so easy and it makes all the difference.

Donate in someone’s honor

Many choose to honor the memory, accomplishment, birthday, or other special event of a loved one by donating to Camp Kinderland in their name. We can send a card to the namesake of your generous donation informing them that you (or an anonymous donor) have donated in their name.

In Memoriam Scholarship Funds

You may wish to donate to one of Kinderland’s in memoriam scholarship funds:

Amos “Mos” Kivelowitz  Camp Kinderland Scholarship Fund 

Nuteh and Fannie Goldenberg Scholarship

Bernice Cohen Starr Scholarship Fund

Beverly Vasquez Memorial Fund

Chris Nelson Scholarship Fund

Jeremy Bram Faulkner Memorial Scholarship 

Capital Campaign

Support maintenance and improvements for existing structures, and help fund needed new buildings. Learn more about the projects on our to-do list, and donate to make them a reality.

Camp Kinderland is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our Federal EIN is 13-2857800. All donations are 100% tax-deductible within the United States. We automatically provide an email receipt for every donation, and a hard-copy receipt sent in the post mail for any donation over $250. To request a hard-copy receipt for any donation amount under $250, please email

When receiving online donations, Camp Kinderland incurs a credit card fee of 3%. If you can, save us this fee by sending in your contribution via check made out to Camp Kinderland with the title of the campaign (i.e. Phonathon) in the memo line. Send your check to our PO Box at Camp Kinderland, PO Box 119, Easthampton, MA 01027